Remy Summer Woods is a lawyer because her father is a lawyer - a very successful and famous lawyer. Just as Remy's plotting her escape from the halls of justice she runs across the only case that could convince her to stay: Bonita Pickney, a 13 year old girl who confesses to murdering her father and insists that they put her in jail as soon as possible. Remy is fascinated by this unlikely murderer and it doesn't hurt that her father absolutely forbids her to become involved in the case. Soon Remy finds herself kicked out of her father's firm and rocketing around Florida trying to unravel the circumstances that led to the murder with an unlikely group of helpers that include her drug addicted brother, an aging hippie/dinner owner, a mobster, and a cop.

Remy isn't the only one "rocketing". That's the perfect word to describe this book. The characters are driven to discover the truth and, as a reader, I was driven to finish this book. Happily, it was never predictable. I was constantly saying, "I didn't see that coming!" I also enjoyed the fact that there were no clear cut good guys and bad guys. You were constantly guessing about people's motives which made pinpointing the murderer all the more challenging.

Although I enjoyed the mystery, the characters were also well written. I'd like to see more of Remy's struggle to decide what type of life she wants, how she'll deal with her father and I welcome more appearances by her crazy family and friends. I look forward to the next Remy Summer Woods book.

M. Webb, Rocketing with Remy

Joanne Lewis' new novel, MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK, grabs you from page one and never lets go. Lewis is a practicing attorney who clearly knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system. Better yet, she knows people. Her characters are real in all their complexities, conflicts and contradictions. Buckle up and hang on for a great ride and a rewarding read!

Joseph Teller

award-winning author of the Jaywalker series

Make Your Own Luck is one thriller readers will not want to miss. It is filled with action and suspense on every page. The characters are well-created and totally believable. The plot proceeds with hair-raising suspense and twists and turns everywhere, which make it a first-rate mystery thriller. Make Your Own Luck should be on reading lists everywhere. It is one good read!

Readers Favorite Book Award

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