Forbidden Horses (Book 3 of the Forbidden Trilogy) by Publisher: Soul Attitude Press, LLC
Date Published: September 20, 2019
Genre: Historical Psychological Mystery/LQBTQ
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Forbidden Horses, the final book of the Forbidden trilogy, reveals the troubled history of the creation of the carousel horses: the magical and deadly thread of the series.

Forbidden Horses is the story of Oskar Glasman, born female but knowing his true identity was male, and his wife, Hedy. Glassblowers by trade, Oskar and Hedy navigate the deadly world of eighteenth century Austria while desperately trying to be true to themselves. With their beloved Countess Anna gone, they fight against the evilness of her husband, Count Franz, and the sadistic Father Mattheus. When Franz demands Oskar create a glass carousel in honor of Anna using unusual ingredients, Oskar reluctantly agrees. With the help of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Hedy, Oskar creates the carousel horses that has survived for centuries and continues to live on today, fueled by the blood and tears of its creators.

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Forbidden Horses