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I was a young prosecutor when I wrote Forbidden Room, rising at 5 each morning to write and then heading to work. With a red carpet beneath my feet and stars in my eyes, I thought I had the world figured out. I’ve learned since then that we actually know nothing, that each day is unpredictable and brings a surprising mixed bag of happiness and sadness or, if we’re lucky, contentment. When my dad would call and ask what was going on and I would respond, “nothing,” he’d say, “that’s good.” Three decades after Forbidden Room was published, I understand that “nothing” is a gem.

I’ve published ten books since then, including a second and improved edition of Forbidden RoomForbidden Night, book two of the Forbidden Trilogy and now Forbidden Horses, the final book of the trilogy.

I didn’t realize it was a trilogy until working on the second edition of Forbidden Room when I understood that the story of the carousel horses and Uncle Charlie’s murder was incomplete. In Forbidden Night I did what I enjoy most as a novelist – I took the reader back in time to Vienna, Austria in 1938 and mixed the past with the present. Now, in Forbidden Horses, I dive further into the past to Gloggnitz, Austria in 1791 to reveal the actual creation of the horses. Only now do I realize we revisit the past to try and make sense of the present.

Forbidden Room tells the story of Sara, an heiress who is charged with murdering her Uncle Charlie, and of her brother, Soldier Boy and the carousel horses they would “ride” as children. To fight the murder charges, Sara hires new attorney, Michael, to represent her. It’s a psychological thriller with a surprising conclusion. 

Forbidden Night begins on the eve of Kristallnacht and jockeys between WWII and the modern day to trace the history of the carousel horses and to reveal more secrets about Sara, Soldier Boy, Michael and Uncle Charlie.

Forbidden Horses, a novella, goes back farther in time to the creation of the carousel horses by Oskar Glasman, a glassblower, who is trying to live his true life against the greatest of odds.

Each book can be read alone. However, I believe the real gems are found in the trilogy. I hope you will revisit the past, and if you can make sense of the present please let me know.

You can find the Forbidden Trilogy on Amazon.

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