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My cell phone rings each weekday morning at 8:30. It is My Person on the other end.

“Hi there. How are you?” she asks.

“Good. And you?”


Our chats begin in this mundane fashion each morning. Sometimes we speak for a few moments as one of us has to go, or the connection is bad and we’re frustrated. Other calls last longer. Our conversations contain fluff with details of the evening before, or particulars of what the new day may bring. Our talks are also substantive as we share secrets, fears, and disappointments. We speak about family and work, and discuss current affairs such as politics, music, movies, TV shows, and how we can get tickets to see “Hamilton” on Broadway. Often we describe our locations so we can imagine being together.

These conversations are the highlight of my day since I have them with my sister, Amy.

A popular question when considering a presidential candidate is: Who do you want to answer the three a.m. call? It’s a vital decision for the reason that the three a.m. call refers to a nuclear weapon aimed our way.

Another important question is: whom do you want to speak to each morning at eight thirty? I recognize weighing an answer to this question is not as momentous as who is best to avert annihilation, but it is important since to engage in a phone conversation each morning with the same person at the same time requires commitment, love, and trust.

My sister hates to be the center of attention and would spend tomorrow morning’s call chastising me on writing a blog post praising her, so I am not going to take this space to tell you that she is a great listener, a wonderful mother, and my best friend. Instead, I will share the importance of this daily call to me.

I know there is someone who listens, who shares her feelings, who compliments and encourages me when appropriate, and who chastises and lectures me when required. During these conversations I get truth, support, and guidance. I am not alone.

I think the principal reason these daily discussions are meaningful is that Amy wants to call me each morning. She is under no obligation to do so, she receives no remuneration, she gets no accolades, and she has made no deal with the devil (to the best of my knowledge). To know there is a person out there who desires to speak with me each day, who I trust with my secrets, and who is willing to confide in me means she is My Person, the one who is there for me unconditionally and always.

My sister is My Person and the one I want to speak to each morning at 8:30. I’d trust her with that 3am call too.

Who is Your Person?

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