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If Hillary Clinton were a man and Donald Trump were a woman, this election season would still be remembered as one of the most interesting and absurd presidential campaigns ever. This isn’t because of Donald’s irresponsible statements, it’s not because of trust issues involving Hillary, and it’s not because of Bernie Sanders and the rise of the progressive movement.

If our presidential nominees’ genders were switched, with 92 days until November 8th, future civics classes would view this election season with fascination since Hillary the man would already be considered the victor and guaranteed to turn most red states blue, and with bewilderment because the female Donald would receive no media attention and might have to concede before the leaves change color in swing state Virginia. Notwithstanding that Donald the woman never would have been the Republican nominee.

Let’s first examine that if either were born the opposite sex the trajectories of their lives would have been markedly different. Hillary might have been governor of Illinois and his first wife Bill would have initially put her political aspirations aside to further her husband’s career. Fast-forward to 2016 and running for president as a former highly respected United States Senator and Secretary of State, Hillary’s experience alone would be enough to propel him into the White House. 

As for Donald, had he been born a girl her father might not have gifted her money to build an empire. Even if the female Donald had built a mega-successful business like Joy Mangano, creator of the Miracle Mop, the likelihood of Donald the woman getting her own TV show on a major network, where the tag line was “You’re Fired”, was nil. Maybe she would have had her own cooking show on cable TV. Donald, the woman, would surely be ridiculed for marrying Melania, the man, who is twenty-four years her junior. I can see the headline now, “The White House needs a Tiger, not a Cougar”.

On the campaign trail, female Donald would be chastised for always wearing a suit and tie, many would question her hairstyle, and most would certainly wonder, what’s up with that color? Along with her dress and hair, her speaking voice and mannerisms would be scrutinized.

How would the world view Donald the woman if she had spoken of Megyn Kelly having “blood coming out of her—wherever”, or if the female Donald mocked a disabled reporter using derogatory speech and arm movements? She would be deemed a witch to be burned on a stake.

When Donald announced his candidacy last June, he said of undocumented Mexicans, “They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists.” What if a female presidential candidate had said that? In addition to being branded a Mexican-hater, she’d be called a man-hater.

What if female Donald refused to turn over her tax returns? She would be labeled a manipulative shrew.

Khizr Kahn, the father of Captain Humayun Khan who was killed by a car bomb in 2004 in Iraq, stated at the Democratic National Convention that Donald has no idea what sacrifice means. Donald, in an ABC interview, said in response, "I've created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. I've had tremendous success. I think I've done a lot." Female Donald would be criticized for not stating her sacrifice as raising a family.

Of Ghazala Kahn, the mother of Captain Khan, Donald said of her silence on the stage at the DNC, “I’d like to hear his wife say something”, questioning if as a Muslim woman she was not permitted to speak. If Donald were a woman and said this, she would be labeled a woman-hater, or in other words, a bitch.

And finally, what if female Donald had joked about booting a baby from a rally? The names she would be called cannot be printed here, but I think it's reasonable to believe she would be booed off the stage and the campaign trail.

"You know, she's playing the woman's card," Trump told supporters at a rally in Spokane, Washington in May. "If she didn't play the woman's card she would have no chance, I mean zero, of winning."

Donald is wrong. If Hillary were a man, Donald would have no chance, I mean zero, of winning. With 92 days before November 8th, the election would already be sewn up by a woman if only she were a man.

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