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Dear Hillary,

            I am one of the millions of Americans who are horrified and amused by this election season. I know you get advice from advisors, political pundits, and the Joe on the street as to how to run your campaign. I thought I would add my opinion to the ruckus.

            Please consider vetting Michelle Obama as your vice president. If she isn’t available, I have another recommendation.

            First, let’s discuss Michelle.

            There are many reasons why Michelle would be a perfect compliment to your candidacy so I will touch on the highlights.

            Michelle is the daughter of a water pump operator father and a stay-at-home mother. She attended Chicago public schools before studying at Princeton and Harvard Law. Humble beginnings and a brilliant mind are very important characteristics for a VP.

While First Lady, like you, she worked hard for many causes: child obesity, assisting veterans, and promoting the importance of education. Fighting for social issues is a check mark in the pro-column for Michelle as your VP.

During her tenancy in the White House, Michelle had companionship from Bo and Sunny, while you and Bill had Buddy and Socks. Studies have shown (I’m sure) that pet lovers make excellent vice presidents.

            To move off of Michelle’s resume, I want to point out less obvious reasons as to why Michelle is the perfect choice to be your VP.

She’s taller than you by four inches. As the Washington Post reported on May 23, 2016 when referring to the presidency, “…height is one of the most pervasive tests. The taller candidate has won the popular vote in more than two-thirds of the elections since 1950.” Donald Trump towers seven inches over you. Michelle’s height is sure to bring the odds to your favor.  

Michelle is younger than you by sixteen years and, let’s face it, hipper. She can bring in the Bernie Sanders voters who, if they are like my millennial nephew, are unhappy with you.

No scandals dog Michelle. I don’t have to mention that five-letter word that stalks your campaign. No, it’s not “Trump”. It’s “Trust”. Michelle can help in that category too.

Last, although I have not met you or the First Lady, I—as well as most people—know you by your first names. Not having to use time consuming last names (Think Elizabeth Warren) is a positive in this fast world.  

I am aware that even if you did consider naming Michelle as your VP she would decline. Malia isn’t starting college for another year, and Sasha will be a high school sophomore when school begins in the fall. Michelle is working on the Let Girls Learn initiative, plus I am sure she looks forward to time off from the political brouhaha.

Here’s my other idea for your VP candidate: Me. There are many compelling reasons why I too am qualified. I am the daughter of an accountant father and a mother who was a nurse, and I am a law school graduate. I work for social causes, and like you and Michelle I am known as Jo, a single moniker. I have a dog and two cats, and I am seventeen years your junior. My millennial nephew thinks I’m dope.

I hope you will add me to your shortlist of possible VPs. At five foot two inches I won’t be able to help you in the height department so I understand if you pass. I am available, however, for a cabinet position, which to the best of my knowledge is not height restrictive (Think Madeleine Albright).

            Thanks for listening to this Jo on the street. If you desire any further tips, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All my best for a successful election, Jo

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