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#4 Have a positive attitude and be realistic

            While having tea in a bookstore the other day, a man at the next table struck up a conversation with me. No, the point of this story isn’t that I was actually able to find a bookstore where I could sit and read, peruse the shelves and speak randomly to other book lovers—although that certainly is worthy of a blog post—it’s what he said when he learned I was a published author.

            “My book is going to be more popular than Harry Potter and Fifty Shades combined.”

            I did some quick math. That meant he believed his novel was going to sell in excess of 550 million copies.

            “Great.” I considered asking if he was writing about a domineering wizard but decided to go with a more benign response. “What’s it about?”

            “I can’t tell you.”

            “Okay,” I took a sip of my green tea, glad he had provided what I thought would be the end to this conversation. I looked down at the book I was considering purchasing.

            “I mean,” he continued, “if I told you I’d have to kill you.”

            I chuckled politely. If his speech was cliché-laden, I could only imagine what filled the pages of his novel.

            “Well, good luck.”

            “Remember me,” he flipped a home made business card on to the table, which stated his name and below that the word, Author.

            I put the card in my pocket, and then dared to ask another question. “How long is your book anyway?” I was wondering if it was long and flowing like Harry or short and sassy life Fifty.

            “Don’t know. I haven’t started writing it.”

            I tried to think of a snappy response but my mind was blank. Just like the pages he will probably never write.

            Don’t be like this man. Have a positive attitude about your writing and be realistic.