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Dear Friends,

I decided to have my novels made into audiobooks. I used a website called, which is owned by Amazon. They have a great system. You post a script from your book (about 2 pages long) and invite narrators to audition. Once you find someone that seems suitable to complete your auditory vision, you negotiate a deal with them. It could be an agreed upon hourly fee based on the actual running time of the audiobook (not how long it took them to record it, which is much longer) or you can share in the proceeds from the sales of the audiobook. The narrator is also the producer so it is their job to handle all aspects of the production, including uploading to ACX. As the author, you do a quality check after the first 15 minutes of recorded material and at the end. You sign off on the final product, and then ACX does a check to make sure everything is in order. 

I am proud to have my books as audiobooks. The narrators I have chosen are incredible. ACX must be proud too since they gave me free download codes to share. The audiobooks can be downloaded from, and from iTunes. If you would like a free download code of any of my novels, send me an email at, contact me via my website or message me on Facebook/Twitter.

Thanks, Jo