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Edgar Allen Poe. Harper Lee. John Grisham. Scott Turow. Joanne Lewis?

What right do I have to be included in this list of well-known authors/attorneys who have made the best seller’s list? So many lawyers complain about their day jobs and rightfully so. Being a lawyer is a thankless job in many respects. We have bad reputations that some deserve and most don’t, we try but do not always live up to our client’s expectations, and we are deemed the bad guys when we have to ask to be paid. But I’m not writing this article to complain about being a lawyer. Rather, I am writing to extol the virtues of being a legal eagle. In fact, I am forever grateful that as much as I hated law school (and I really hated it!), I didn’t quit.

Being a lawyer has afforded me many benefits. I know a lot of things others might not know about the law, about human nature, and about people in general. I do get to help others. And, I make a good living that in my free time gives me the opportunity to join the ranks of Edgar Allen Poe, Harper Lee, John Grisham and Scott Turow.

I am a fiction writer.

All of my four published novels feature lawyers or some legal action. Forbidden Room, a mystery located in New York, tells the story of a socialite charged with murder and her very green attorney’s attempts to represent her. Make Your Own Luck, set in South Florida, is the first novel in a series featuring Remy Summer Woods, a young, idealistic attorney who is determined to prove a young girl did not murder her father. Wicked Good tells the story of Archer Falcon, a Maine lawyer, and her son’s journey to discover his birth parents.  My fourth published novel, called The Lantern, is set between fifteenth century Florence, Italy and in modern day Miami and is the story of a woman’s search to find the Renaissance girl who competed to build Brunelleschi’s dome. There is a courtroom scene in that book. Plus, my love of research as a lawyer certainly aided me in the hundreds of hours I put in to study the Italian Renaissance and write The Lantern.

So, I ask again. What right do I have to be included in this list of well-known authors/attorneys who have made the best seller’s list? Every right. While I may not achieve the success of those four and other well-known lawyers turned novelists, I am thankful I have a great career that has given me the tools, the skills, and the financial ability to follow my dreams and to be a novelist.

My friend Lori is a wonderful attorney. When she’s not practicing law, she’s looking for a mountain to climb. My sister Amy is a great attorney too. When she’s not helping to reunite families, she’s rescuing dogs. The list goes on and on. All of us deserving to be on the best seller’s list.

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