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We are all very different.  Carol is the mountain woman who can survive in the wilderness with little more than her wits. Vicki is the Everready Bunny.  On most of our hikes in Northern Georgia this past week, we saw Vicki disappear around curves, only finding her again because she waited for us to catch up. Amy was the easy-going one. Just as happy if we were hiking as if we were holed up in the condo waiting for the rain to subside. And me, well, I’m not sure what I am except I know I too am very different from my Trip Sisters.

You see, Carol and Vicki are really sisters who are separated by four years in age and hundreds of miles. Amy and I are sisters too, also separated by four years in age and hundreds of miles. We decided to take a sisters trip to Northern Georgia where we would hike and have other adventures. That trip has ended but it lives on in my heart.

We hiked some amazing trails that took us through woods, over swing bridges, from the base to the top of a waterfall, along narrow edges, and over streams and rocks. We only got lost once! We also went horseback riding and zip lining. We saw goats on a roof and cooked in most nights. Four menopausal women who—in our every day lives—hold responsible jobs and are accustomed to being in charge. A recipe for disaster, right? Personality conflicts were sure to occur. Not at all. We were bound together by two common causes: our love for the outdoors and our love for our sisters.

Amy will be visiting me in Florida in a few weeks and I will be going to Maine in August to see her. Carol and Vicki will reconnoiter in Alaska soon. All of our trips, every aspect of our lives, are richer because while we may each be one person on the outside, as long as we have our sisters, inside we are two.