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Today is the five-year anniversary of the passing of our father. It's hard to believe time has flown so quickly, harder to fathom still the state of the world today. I've tried to comfort myself by rationalizing that since his death he hasn't had to experience the insane political division that has divided our country. And now, my attempt to salve the ache of missing him has been obviously modified. Good thing dad doesn't have to experience the health and economic destruction caused by Covid-19, the Beast.

Dad was born in 1933 and is considered part of the Silent Generation born between the two world wars and raised among economic depression. That fit him. He had the sensibilities of one deeply affected by the Great Depression and by WWII. Determined, filled with drive and will power, and generous. Also cautious and wary that in the snap of a finger all he worked for would be taken away. 

I was born in 1964 and am at the tail end of the Baby Boomer Generation born during the post-WWII baby boom. If you believe the models, this fits me. Independent and responsible but also cautious with money and slow to trust. 

But just like the daily horoscope and the Chinese zodiac, while cookie-cutter descriptions of people might contain snapshots of truth, they do not encompass the full picture. 

Now, we are on the cusp of a new generation, perhaps to be labeled the Covid Generation. Will they stash facemasks in their back pockets and purses, ready to pull them out if they get too close to a stranger? Will they be able to gauge six feet without a tape measure as my grandmother could eye half-a-cup of flour? Will they look at their elders strangely when we explain how we used to shake hands in greeting?

It's hard to know how this generation will be affected by the Beast but one thing is clear. As dad was shaped by the events of his generation, and as I have been shaped by the events of mine, those born of the predicted Covid-19 baby boom will be shaped by this dark time.   

The world has survived many epidemics, among them the Black Death, Yellow Fever, Polio, Spanish and Asian Flus, and AIDs. Likewise, we have rebuilt after countless natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes. Through them all, our super powers have always emerged. The ability to adapt, to unite, and to help others. This has always been the super powers of mine and dad's generations, and of the generations that came before us, between us, and that will come after us. This is the best part of the human race. 

As we look back on this modern plague, it will again be demonstrated that no model can easily define us. We are not snapshots but panoramas of greatness with the innate ability to adapt, unite and help others. Super powers that know no generational divide. Dad saw this many times during his life. He would have liked to have seen it again. 

In memoriam to Roger Dean Lewis, June 25, 1933 - April 14, 2015. A man of all generations. A man with many super powers. Please visit this dedication to our father here

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