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joanne lewisWhen Joanne Lewis is not practicing law, she is writing. She pens murder mysteries, historical fiction and historical fantasy books and is the author of several award-winning novels. As an author, she hopes to entertain and perhaps enlighten. As an attorney, she is most proud of her work as a guardian ad litem representing the best interests of children.

Her books are available on Kindle, as paperbacks and as audio books.

In Forbidden Room, new attorney Michael Tucker has few clients, yearns to be like his famous grandmother and cannot afford to move out of his parents' home. Sara Goldstein is an heiress accused of killing her uncle. When Sara hires Michael, he gets the chance to defend an innocent person, a beautiful lover and notoriety like his grandmother. But is it more than he asked for? Is Sara innocent or is she really a murderer?

Make Your Own Luck is the unforgettable and moving novel of a young attorney who refuses to believe that thirteen-year-old Bonita Pickney killed her father, Patrick Pickney. Remy risks her relationship with her own father as well as her life to prove Bonita's innocence. Along with learning what really happened the night Patrick was murdered, Remy discovers hard truths about her family and herself.

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